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Hostage International supports people affected by hostage-taking and arbitrary detention. 

Kidnapping is a frightening and lonely experience, impacting not only the hostage but their family, friends, community, colleagues and employer. As an independent charity, we strive to make sure that people affected by kidnapping are supported throughout this ordeal.

Your support will help us provide: 

  • Emotional support and access to specialist services to families during and after the kidnap of a loved one, and to hostages who have returned home
  • Bespoke training to organisations, government departments and NGOs, around best practice in family support and hostage reintegration.
  • We also work discreetly to encourage governments and employers to adopt policies and practices in family and post-release which take into account the family and former hostage perspectives.

Hostage International’s area of expertise is in supporting the families of those who are kidnapped – or held in arbitrary detention – outside their home country, and hostages after their release. We are not involved in kidnap resolution but fill a much-needed gap in support. 

Please help our work in enabling people to cope with the day-to-day emotional and practical difficulties caused by kidnaps and illegal detentions.

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