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About us

Mosaic Clubhouse is here to support and uplift the incredible people living with mental health issues in the London Borough of Lambeth. Our mission is simple: we help people regain the confidence and essential life skills to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

Why Mosaic Clubhouse matters:

  • We offer a diverse range of opportunities, providing access to education, employment, crisis support, and valuable information to connect people with local resources.
  • Our approach is rooted in the internationally recognized Clubhouse model of rehabilitation. It's all about collaboration – our dedicated staff and our attendees, known as "members," work hand in hand to keep our Clubhouse running.
  • This unique approach is a form of co-production. Voluntary participation, peer support, and the expertise of our staff team combine to create a space where individuals can discover their unique talents and skills while working toward their aspirations.

With an active membership of over 400, our community is steadily growing and making a significant impact.

Furthermore, while we are part of an international Clubhouse network, we hold a distinct honour – for now, we're the sole accredited Clubhouse operating in the UK.

Join us at the London Marathon, and contribute to the meaningful work we do for the people we support. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

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